Aurora Diagnostics Bernhardt Laboratories has always prided itself upon our dedication to service. You experience the Aurora Diagnostics Bernhardt difference in your first phone call. Need results or answers quickly? A live person answers every call, so valuable time is not wasted in voicemail purgatory. In addition, Bernhardt Laboratories provides a certified professional coder and two Fraud and Abuse Compliance officers available to all our clients.

Quick turn-around time is essential to Aurora Diagnostics Bernhardt Laboratories. Our turnaround time beats all other laboratories with a 2-3 day return on all specimens. Your patients want to know what is happening with their health and we want to alleviate their fears and anxieties as quickly as possible. In addition to quick turn-around time, accessibility of a professional staff, and state of the art technology, Bernhardt Laboratories is a great resource when it comes to patient follow-up. Where else can you find a lab that produces monthly reports on abnormal cases? Also, we list the patients history on every result for correlation purposes. These customized reports create a higher level of security so that no patient slips through the cracks.

Aurora Diagnostics Bernhardt Laboratories has set new standards by creating services that are unmatched anywhere. Our Specimen Routing and Tracking System is one of these services. This service assists in directing all specimens to their proper lab, thereby eliminating many burdens and unnecessary bills. Please review your current Pathology services and needs, and compare them to Aurora Diagnostics Bernhardt Laboratories. We've been told and firmly believe that we do it better.

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