Aurora Diagnostics Bernhardt Laboratories was the first in Northeast Florida to routinely do Immunochemistry stains on Prostate Biopsies to aid in the diagnosis of Prostate cancer. Our physicians consider a patient's Gleason score and how well differentiated the tumor is, to determine if there is perineural invasion. We use Immunohistochemistry stains such as high molecular weight cytoceritan and P504S which frequently can help you with those cases that have very small amounts of malignant tissue.

Aurora Diagnostics Bernhardt Labs processes all special stains in-house. Our histology department utilizes Ventana's Immunohistochemistry system that creates unparalleled consistency with these stains. Immunohistochemistry stains are also used to aid in the diagnosis of bladder cancer. We use P53 and CK20 to aid in the diagnosis of transitional cell Carcinoma In-Situ.

Our physicians are readily available for consultation and regularly call the physician when they identify an abnormality. Specimens are placed in specialized biopsies boxes designed specific to Urology, in addition to, easy to fill out forms that diagram the Prostate for accurate and detailed analysis.

Surgical Pathology

Prostate biopsies
Bladder biopsies

Immunoperoxidase Stains

CK 20
CK34 betaE 12
p53 (DO)