Women's Healthcare and Molecular Pathology

Since 1986, Aurora Diagnostics Bernhardt Labs has served medical professionals around the country with prompt professional service in the field of Women's Healthcare. Our emphasis on cutting edge advances is a hallmark of our practice. Aurora Diagnostics Bernhardt Labs was the first laboratory in Northeast Florida to offer ThinPrep, and HPV testing. Also, Aurora Diagnostics Bernhardt Labs was the first in the state of Florida to offer Image Directed Cytology. All ThinPreps are processed using Image Directed Cytology which results in a 39% reduction in false negatives. The HPV, Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, Herpes I & II, Group B Strep, and Cystic Fibrosis tests all utilize PCR technology. All tests, except Group B Strep are performed off either ThinPrep or Surepath samples, in addition to the standard gyn-probe or culture tube. Group B Strep is performed only off of the culture tube. Our histology department utilizes Ventana's Immunohistochemistry system that creates unparalleled consistency with these stains.

Our cytology department has over sixty years of combined training. Along with two supervisor level technologists, our service is based on the most advanced techniques in the industry, combined with the most qualified technologists. This is why we have always fallen under the national average when it comes to our As-cus rate and No Endocervical cell rate.

Our services currently include these main fields of expertise:

Cytology & Histology

Gynecological Pathology (i.e. Pap Smears/ThinPrep/ Surepath)
Image Directed Cytology
Interpretation of Fine Needle Aspirations
Complete Surgical Pathology

Molecular Pathology

Hybrid Capture II (Digene) HPV
Chlamydia/N. gonorrhea, SDA
HSV I + II, real-time PCR
Group B Strep, real-time PCR
Trichomonas vaginalis, real-time PCR
BD Affirm (Candida sp, Garderella, Trichomonas)
Vaginitis/Vaginosis Panel
  – BV Panel
  – CV Panel
BV Panel (Expanded vaginosis panel)
  – Atopobium vaginae
  – Bacteroides fragilis
  – Gardenerella vaginalis
  – Mobiluncus curtisii
  – Mobiluncus mulieris
  – Prevotella bivia
CV Panel (Candida albicans glabrata, krusei, parapsildsis, tropicalis)
Urogen Panel
  – Mycoplasma genitalium
  – Mycoplasma nominis
  – Ureaplasma urealyticum
Cystic Fibrosis (carrier screening)
  – 29 Mutations
HPV HR Genotyping (14 genotypes)