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Highest Quality Pathology Services

Founded in 1986, Bernhardt Laboratories is an anatomic and molecular pathology practice headquartered in Jacksonville, Florida. Our board-certified pathologists specialize in women’s health, urology, gastroenterology, dermatology, plastic surgery and podiatry. We assist in the day-to-day activities that can hinder an office from meeting their maximum potential. If we can make it easier to work with us, it will be easier to deal with your patient base. Less phone calls, faster results, and no hassles.


3728 Philips Highway, Ste 64, Jacksonville, FL 32207

General Inquiries

Phone: 904.296.2333 Fax: 904.512.6188

Billing Inquiries

Phone: 866.517.3578

College of American Pathologists accreditation logoJoint Commission / CAP Notice

To report any concerns about patient safety or quality of services provided, contact:

The Joint Commission


College of American Pathologists (CAP)

There will be no disciplinary or punitive action taken because of an employee or another individual who provides laboratory services reports regarding the safety or quality-of-care concerns to The Joint Commission or CAP.